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Sukyo Mahikari - FREE Spiritual Purification

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We aim to spiritually and energetically enhance people’s lives through the practice of Sukyo Mahikari. We offer FREE spiritual purification to people and their homes and businesses. This practice involves the unconditional love of giving Divine or True Light Energy from the palm of our hands to people, places, pets, gardens and anything else.

Sukyo Mahikari is a spiritual practice and is not tied to any specific religion. It originated in Japan and has expanded to many countries worldwide. There are approximated one million members worldwide and growing in many diverse fields like sciences, medicine, education, arts and humanities.

People who receive light have many different wonderful spiritual experiences when receiving light and it is most often different for each person. Many people have such a great experience that they become a member of our organization to further enhance and continue their spiritual journey by giving True Light Energy. Click on the following link to get more information about the course for becoming a Sukyo Mahikari Member.

The best way to experience and learn more about True Light Energy is to visit one of the many Sukyo Mahikari Centers. Just let them know you are guest(s) and that you would like to learn more about the light and receive light. Please allow about one and one-half hours for your visit.

Use the form on the right to get more information and to contact us for a FREE Assessment of your Feng Shui needs conducted over the phone.

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